Your book next?

Frostick Publishing can produce your own story for you, or help you to print and publish a book you have written yourself. We specialise in bringing your tales to life, and ensuring the reader does not become bored with minute detail.

We are also expert in drawing out tales from older subjects, and with clever questioning can fill the gaps and make the story flow. We dislike disjointed reading material ourselves, so we always strive to create easy reading.

Services include:

  • Introductory chat - no obligation - to give opinion on your story (usually free)
  • Interviewing and recording subject and associated persons
  • Transcribing recordings (ours or yours)
  • Scanning and processing photographs
  • Limited historical research
  • Producing maps and artwork
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Book layout (typesetting) and cover design
  • Registering ISBN (necessary for a book that will be publicly available)
  • Providing proof copy and instructing printer
  • Marketing and despatch by arrangement


Interviewing, writing and editing cost is only £25 per hour. Artwork cost is £50 per hour. A travel rate will be negotiated per trip according on location. If you are far away from Essex, we will certainly consider travelling to stay with you or near you to capture the information, at your expense.

Example book estimates:

Tales of Peter Potter (300 pages)           £3,500-£4,500
Mister Lucky by Ivan Potter (150 pages) £2,500-£3,000
Family History and Biography for
 a special birthday (e.g. 80th)               from £1,000

For books that are published wider than just the family, prices charged will vary according to the assignment of copyright and predicted marketability.